Stop the Battle and Create the Calm

With Your Atypical Child


Raising an Atypical child can be very stressful with shouting, daily defiance and tears.

The right mindset is the most important piece to help atypical children thrive. Achieve the optimal mindset for parenting your with ADHA, Oppositional Behavior and beyond with decades of research and strategies to bring calm into your life.

  • Private Facebook group with likeminded moms

  • 6 Module Online Training Portal PLUS worksheets and strategies

  • Weekly live group interactive accountability meetings

  • 30 minute private coaching via phone or online conferencing

  • 4 hour interactive workshop

  • Bonuses to target moms self-care with nutrition, mindfulness and health

“If mom isn’t O.K, then no one is O.K”

Play attention


Take control of life and improve future outcomes with your child at home and school.

We’ll conduct an assessment and provide you with a full evaluation to determine current attentional control and executive function. We use this information to develop a comprehensive, customized program for your child.

You will be assigned a Personal Executive Function Coach to customize your profile, teach you how to conduct your session, evaluate progress, and determine your graduation time. We are at your side every step of the way.


Play Attention uses NASA, Space Certified technology to monitor brain activity and attention levels from a simple, easy to use arm band. All Play Attention games are brain enabled because this award winning arm band will only allow you to practice each skill if you are actually paying attention. If you are going to learn skills, you need to be paying attention! You will learn how to sustain your attention through immediate feedback. You will learn that the power of paying attention is within your control.

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