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Hi, my name is Deb Kartz, founder of Healing Moms Journey. I am a Certified Psychologist of Counseling, Accredited Parent and Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, and Precision Nutrition Coach. I'm working with busy moms struggling with their young children and teens who want to reclaim their energy, time, and life. I help moms to find a healthy connection with their challenging children and find time for themselves so they can show up as the high-functioning woman they know they can be.


About our


Are you at your wit's end not knowing what to do or whom to turn to for help for your child or teen who exhibits emotional and behavioral challenges or other coexisting issues? Does your child display challenging behaviors at home and school? Does it feel like the doors are closed everywhere you turn, there are long waitlists?


What if I told you that you didn't need to wait?

If you're a parent who is struggling with your child with ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, or other behavioral and emotional issues, then I'm here to help you and your child!

Our Parenting Skills Programs are designed to support parents of children and teens who are at risk of developing or have emotional and behavioral problems. The programs have proven to be the most effective evidence-based parenting programs. They focus on attachment needs to promote a positive, healthy relationship between parents and their children.


These programs will help you develop effective management strategies for dealing with your child(ren) who exhibit emotional and behavioral problems and deal with ADHD and other co-existing issues. You will learn techniques to reduce disruptive behavior and have meaningful positive changes within your parenting skills, your child's problem behavior, and their wellbeing. This program will give you the confidence to manage your child's behavior and prevent problems from developing in the future.


We understand that there's no one-size-fits-all. Everyone is unique and needs different approaches. This is the reason we designed a membership program tailored to meet your needs with ongoing support. 




I understand the challenges parents go through at home trying to make positive changes within the family. Children don't come with a manual, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

I was alone on my journey as a single mom trying to juggle home life, school, and work. It wasn't easy. I cried in silence, trying to cope with teachers calling and living in an upside-down world. I wish I had the support or someone to guide me, but I didn't. I learned the hard way and don't want that for you!

I'm here to support you throughout your journey, so this is what I want for you! This membership will give you the support for you and your child at home and school. You will have the tools and strategies to help your child's emotional and behavioral issues, so you can keep calm in your life. 

That's why parenting education, mindfulness, physical exercise, and nutrition play a huge part in making positive changes with yourself and your family.

Parenting skills ProgramS

The Parenting Skills Programs are a family support system designed to prevent behavioral and emotional problems in children with ADHD, Autism, and co-existing issues. These programs are backed up with decades of research that teaches parents how to set healthy boundaries without yelling, physical punishments, coercion, threats, or shaming. It’s not easy being apparent, and it’s both rewarding and challenging. Positive parenting brings together knowledge and a positive mindset to meet your child’s needs for optimal outcomes.


If you’re concerned about your child who won’t listen, has big emotions, is impulsive, and risk-taking, harness them to take control of life and improve their future outcomes at home, school, and work.

What are you waiting for?